All Badges

Boards Newbie 
Details: Welcome to the peta2 boards! One comment down, infinity to go!
How To Get: Make your first comment on the boards.

Get Talkin' 
Details: You posted a topic on the boards—now get chatting!
How To Get: Make a topic on the boards. 
Txting FTW 
Details: With peta2′s texts, you help animals everywhere you go—from rockin’ out at shows to studying to sitting on the couch watching TV!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly sign up to peta2 texts?

Fashionably Faux
Details: You’re showing some compassion by pledging to ditch killer fashion!>
How To Get: Pledge you won't wear anyone else's skin but your own.

Fur Is Dead 
Details: Animals like their fur. They don’t want to die so that someone else can wear it. Pledge to go fur-free!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly sign the pledge on the Skelanimal's Fur Is Dead campaign?
Grow Your Own Fur 
Details: Whether you’re sportin’ a real ‘stache or drawing on your face with a marker, you’re helping animals keep their own fur!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly something to do with the Grow Your Own Fur campaign?
Animals Don't Smoke! 
Details: Humans choose to smoke, animals don’t. Ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action!
How To Get: Tell the FDA to ban cigarette tests on animals

Getting Sheepy!
Details: The fashion industry can’t pull the wool over your eyes—you’ve pledged to go wool-free.
Elephant Hero!
Details: Baby-beaters like Ringling Bros. should watch out!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly complete all circus actions?
Details: Ditch meat, dairy products, and eggs!
How To Get: Tell how you went vegetarian or vegan.
Gleek Activist
Details: What could make Glee even better? How about the fact that Jane Lynch and Lea Michele ♥ animals?!
How To Get: Pledge to End Animal Homelessness! and Pledge to Be Fur-Free!
Flesh is For Zombies
Details: You’re … ALIIIIVE!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly Zombify yourself to warn your friends?
Not A Zombie
Details: Eating flesh means eating the corpse of a tortured, terrified victim who didn’t want to die—period. Sign the pledge to go flesh-free on Fridays and save yourself!
How To Get: Pledge to go vegan
Pokemon 'Gotta Free 'Em All' Badge
Details: This badge is awarded for making it to the third level of PETA’s Pokemon Black and Blue parody game.
How To Get: Beat the Pokémon Black and Blue parody game

Original  [EXPIRED]
Details: You’ve been hanging out with peta2 since the old days, huh? Thanks for sticking with us!
How To Get: Join the peta2 Street Team before the revamp in June 2012 
Warped 2011  [EXPIRED]
Details: Woo! You signed our pledge not to be a zombie on Warped Tour 2011.
How To Get: Sign the pledge during Warper Tour 2011

HalloWIN For Animals!  [¿EXPIRED?]
Details: When it comes to speaking up for animals on Halloween, you’re not easily spooked!
How To Get: Unknown

'Hug a Vegetarian' Day 2011  [EXPIRED]
Details: Happy ‘Hug a Vegetarian’ Day!
How To Get: Do the "Tag 'Hug A Vegetarian' Day 2011 Mission"

'Hug a Vegetarian' Day 2012  [EXPIRED]
Details: Show some love and get some hugs for “Hug a Vegetarian” Day!
How To Get: Order 'Hug A Vegetarian' Day 2012 stickers